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Gail Duthie – Roland UK and Roland Europe Group 

TMPS Ltd has been a vital part of our Wellbeing programme for over 20 years. I have received so much positive glowing feedback about their first-class service; I am not sure I have the words to explain. I think you have to experience their help first-hand to understand their value. Dr Terry and Dr Greg are empathetic, professional, great listeners, who feel more like part of our family than consultants. Their experience, knowledge, and skillsets are vital to our organisation, but our employees' trust in them makes them invaluable. They provide us with Stress Management Training, Life Coaching, Medical Advice, Wellness Checks, and so much more. In regular times they are worth their weight in gold, but currently, they are going the extra mile to ensure our employees throughout Europe have a direct line to someone they can trust, making them priceless to us. We couldn't and wouldn't want to manage without them

Jenny Wallington - Roland DG

TMPS Ltd have worked with Roland DG for many years, giving invaluable support, care and advice. They provide a totally friendly and professional service, very much aligned to the Health & Wellbeing ethos throughout our Company, ensuring our employees are cared for. TMPS Ltd are a pleasure to work with.

Theresa Cannon – Biocatalysts

We enhanced our health and wellbeing strategy back in 2019 by offering a new and different initiative to all our employees to seek ways to improve wellbeing and prevent work related stress. Our Wellbeing programme includes a monthly wellbeing clinic delivered by TMPS Ltd namely, Dr Stuart who strongly believes that learning to recognise and deal with the stresses in our lives is essential and really can make a difference. Our success at Biocatalysts is central to the wellness of our employees. Here's what some employees have to say…
“Thought provoking and give a better perspective to manage any stresses inside and outside of work.”
“Very interesting, well presented and informative. Lots of takeaways to work on to improve work life balance.”
“Lots of interesting things to consider. Apart from anything else breaking the ice over discussing this kind of thing is really valuable. I think it would be great to get everyone along– it was great to see management so engaged, really sends a good message.”

Chris Reed - Chief executive, Gateshead NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Stuart cuts straight to the heart of the realities of stressful working lives. His work is not about avoiding stress but managing it. Full of practical insights and tips – and valued by clinicians and managers in the Trust.

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