We help people to be as well as they can be, in all aspects of life.

Our lives are busy and balancing the pressures of work and home life can, at times, seem difficult. Often we find it hard to prioritise our own health and making time to see a Doctor can be challenging. Let us help…

If you are experiencing high staff turnover, absenteeism and reduced productivity within your company, chances are there is a fair degree of stress and ill-health within your workplace. Our services aim to educate, motivate and empower individuals to understand and take control of their own wellbeing to gain a healthier work life balance.


  1. We are an independent Doctor led company providing bespoke wellbeing support and up to date medical advice for both employers and employees. 
  2. We are Doctors who are interested in people. 
  3. We help people find positive ways to manage pressure, to recognise the effect pressure has on them and to learn, develop and gain from life’s challenges. 
  4. We educate people on the benefits of making healthier lifestyle choices and motivate change in their nutritional, physical and psychological health. 
  5. We want people to live well, be healthy and find a positive balance.  

Based in South Wales, we support employers and their employees around the UK and globally with one-to-one consultations either in person or virtually.

What We Do

Annual Wellbeing Assessments for all staff with routine follow-up clinics.

Extended Annual Assessments for senior staff

Bespoke wellbeing days specific to your organisation’s needs.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing advice, tailored to the individual. With a focus on supporting nutrition, exercise and sleep patterns.

Greg Stuart



Terry Stuart


Founder & Director (MbBch DRCOG RCGP PSA)


Personal Trainer

(BSc, Advanced level 3 PT & Nutrition)



Finance Director

We work with UK and multi-national companies from the finance sector to the music industry.

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